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Though it's a little more than just boots, because when you strap in you are showing up by making the step towards the many health benefits that nature provides. The process of  committing to yourself offers lifelong support for your wellbeing for years to come..... 


Do you love nature and hiking?

Do you wish to connect with like minded women in a supportive community?

Are you wanting to connect to mother earth but not sure where to start?

In today's society it's easy to get off balance and stuck in the daily grind.

Many of us have so much to offer, yet lack the spiritual and emotional support of like-hearted community that we need to actualize our fullest potential.

HeartHum's vision is to create community here on our beautiful land who wish to connect with nature and support our mother, participating in creating a kinship with the land and sharing earth based wisdom while soaking up and being in the beauty of nature.

The intention of this group is to create a close circle of women, steeped in sisterhood and time outdoors with the collective vision to be the fullest, truest expression of yourself. Meeting for day hikes, overnight hikes and retreats to explore and discover various trails throughout the area.

I look forward to creating and sharing with you all.


Belinda Cook

Belinda Cook

Belinda has spent many years exploring the land by foot, cycle or rope

Sophie Orwin

Sophie Orwin

Sophie's love for nature started after backpacking through California.

Karuna Elliot

Karuna Elliot

Combines a passion for space holding with a love of movement in nature

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