Happy Anniversary to us!

Today marks the day of Central Coast Women's Hiking Circles first anniversary. I was delighted to offer our anniversary hike for a fundraiser for a great cause. Together our little group today raised $631 for Firesticks Alliance. I really believe in Oliver Costello's vision, helping rebuild relationships with an understanding and respect of Indiginous Australian knowledge around caring for country. Central Coast Women's Hiking Circle now donates 10% of proceeds from each hike to their cause. It's been a tough year for us so I'm extremely grateful to be able to finally offer back something that I truly believe in. We hope to do more in the future and continue to support their amazing work.

I want to personally thank our amazing community of women, for believing in my business, riding the wave of covid and it's many postponed events with me and creating a supportive and beautiful space where we can feel held and bring forth our own unique essence through women gathering together, with sound and nature connection. You have not only helped me believe in what I do but also in myself.

I look forward to seeing you all out on a trail in 2021!


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