Last night, nineteen perfect strangers met to walk the winding trails through the bush as many women had done before them.

We shared secrets as we passed through the lush landscape lit by the fading sun to the emerald pools below.

We helped each other navigate

the crumbling stairs, holding branches out of the way and supporting each other in true sister fashion.

We swam in the cool, clear water; gasping as the cold took our breath away for a moment and laughing at ourselves.

We shared tea and stories as we watched the moon rise over us

and howled in delight at her glimmering form.

We ascended through the night bush, navigating by torch and moonlight, knowing that we were alone but perfectly safe in that very moment.

We allowed ourselves to be guided by

energy and spirits and found ourselves drawn to a sacred women’s meeting place.

As we lay supported on a rock ledge, still warmed by the sun and bathed in moonlight, we listened to the trees bend their branches towards each other and whisper, telling stories of those who

protected this land.

‘You are loved, you are safe, you are supported’

By Lisa gledhill


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