Our first Overnight Hike was the most epic yet!

Traversing through the Brisbane Waters National Park with this group of women spurred a great joy for me personally and sparked inspiration for what's to come.

The true camaraderie and inspiration throughout the 2 day journey started right from the beginning to the end.

Each women unique in their own way, all from different backgrounds, faiths, countries and yet proof that women coming together and supporting one another is both healing, hilarious and heart warming.

Sitting here writing this with an aching body and bruises all over me I can't wipe the smile from my face, I feel content and full of life. I have never been so proud of a group and all they have accomplished personally and together.

No more need for Nearly there's, we have already arrived... 💛🧡💜

Well done ladies.

This quote seems to sum it all up..

"Look at the gift of being now. Look at the astonishing responsibility of legacy leaving. Look at what you have inherited. And the wonder of this world. And what will our time leave?

-Robert MacFarlane


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