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🌸Welcome Spring Equinox🌸

Acknowledging the turning of the seasons is a beautiful way to call nature into our lives.

As the new begins to blossom we too can mirror this from the outer world and call it into our inner world.

Celebrating and offering our gratitude for the passing winter, to shed and let go of it's winter skin and call in the new seeds for planting.

The Spring Equinox is a joyful time to celebrate rebirth & growth.

It is the arrival of spring! The Earth is coming alive again. 🌸

Here are some simple rituals I enjoy to call in the new season:

🌿Write and then speak or express that which you want to create for spring.

Springtime is about creation, the blossoming of seeds and the blossoming of your dreams.

The universe hears and witnesses you. When you take the dreams that have been brewing in you and write them, you are answering your calling.

When you speak them out loud, or through your body or art the power is then magnified.

By doing this, we begin to call them closer and believe in them.

What would you like to call into your life right now to blossom?

Then, witness how the universe works to bring your dreams into your reality.

🌿 Abhyunga

Abhuyunga is a beautiful practice from the wisdom of Aryuveda.

There is no greater expression of self-love than anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil—this practice is called Abhyanga.

A daily Abhyanga practice restores the balance of the doshas and enhances well-being and longevity.

The Sanskrit word Sneha can be translated as both “oil” and “love.” It is believed that the effects of Abhyanga are similar to those received when one is saturated with love. Like the experience of being loved, Abhyanga can give a deep feeling of stability and warmth.

A daily Abhyanga practice restores the balance of the doshas and enhances well-being and longevity. Regular Abhyanga is especially grounding and relaxing for Vata dosha imbalances, but everyone can benefit from this practice.

Apply a neutral oil like ghee or sunflower oil.

If you are a Kapha Diana (oily skin). Use a light oil, such as safflower, sweet almond, or flaxseed oil.

🌿 Planting Seeds

Literally planting seeds it a great experience to bring those words of wishing into your daily life.

I’ve just finished spending a good part of the morning with my 3 children planting our next crop of fruit and veggies for the year ahead.

And what you plant grows: if you plant apple seeds, don’t expect to get oranges. The same goes for intentions and mindset: if you’re always planting negative seeds such as, “I probably won’t get the job” or “I’m not good enough,” how can you expect positivity and abundance to sprout up in your life?

Plant what you hope to see blossom. You can use plants as a physical reminder of your journey.

You don’t need a farm to begin, a simple windowsill or sunny wall can be a great start.

There is some great seed banks online that you can connect with, check out your local collectors too to support the community.

Allow your planting to be a creative endeavor: you can decorate pots with paint, place your seeds in a fun design and invite your little ones to join you and share the wonders of Mother Earth together.

🌿 Celebrating the Sun

Waking up to celebrate with the sunrise is an age old ritual done by many before us.

Dancing, rejoicing and singing as it births it’s new light over the horizon.

Welcoming its light as we now transition over to receiving more light than dark.

You can choose whatever it is you are feeling called to rejoice, this is a wonderful poem I like to share with my son:

This is the Beginning…

This is where it will all start,

on the wings of some new Spirit with the Beat of some new Heart.

Every morning brings a Promise.

Everyday has Gifts to give.

But Today…Right Now…this Minute…

is when I begin to Live.

And the air that I am breathing

is the breeze of what could be,

as I stand here looking out

on all the things that could be Me.

And the road that goes before me,

leading somewhere out of sight,

is a brand new Opportunity for me to get it Right.

This is the Beginning.

This is Once upon a Time…

There are dragons to be vanquished!

There are castle walls to climb!

But this story isn’t written yet.

I’m only on page One.

The Adventure that’s awaiting me has only just Begun.

There are Mysteries and Treasures.

There are daring deeds to do!

And if I speak the secret word, then all my Wishes will come true.

That Magic Word has powers that can make the heavens spin.

But it really is no Secret that the password is…”Begin!”

So, this is the Beginning…

My Beginning.

My Rebirth.

I Awaken to the Wonder

of what I am Really worth.

It is a Springtime for the Spirit, and it’s Giving me a Choice.

So I choose to Use this season as a reason to Rejoice!

Beginning by Warren Hanson

Sending warmest wishes to you and yours during this welcoming season of change.


Sophie 🌿🌸


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