When women gather in nature........

A true joy to facilitate this weekends retreat with 10 unique and intelligent women. When women gather regularly wonderful relationships can form. Ideas, concepts and the magic start to flow, this is what we are born to do. Create..... The dynamics and depth of intimacy that can be gained when women connect can be so life giving and refreshing for the soul.

I believe women need to get together. When we are isolated and not connecting we can become lonely, disengaged, and discouraged.

The idea of meeting a bunch of strangers and sharing every hour together may seem a little intimidating for some at first, once they get started I really start to see their story unfold and enjoy sharing their experience with one another.

Many desire to share with others and to go deeper in their own journeys.

And when they do and at their farewell, they have new friends and new allies.

- Walking With Nature Retreat Blue Mountains summer 2021.


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